Monday, August 28, 2017

AI vs Paradox of Choice

The paradox of choice is a problem we see more and more of in our modern world. It goes beyond what products Amazon should recommend or friends Facebook should suggest. In the business world and in enterprise applications this is also a challenging problem as our applications and processes grow in complexity. The potential for machine learning powered recommender systems to augment human decision making is one of the next frontier for AI in the enterprise . 

Recommender systems can do more than just suggest what articles you should read on Linkedin or what jobs are most suited for you. In the future machine learning (and more likely deep learning) powered recommender systems will guide enterprise decision making by helping business process owners take the most effective actions and decisions in a timely manner and with hyper-personalization. And as with all ecosystems, once you introduce a new input variable (such as in this case a personalization/recommender system itself), this will affect future human or system behavior that you are personalizing today - it is a moving target.

Recommender systems will move from solving B2C optimization problems (how they are typically used today in our data saturated and over marketed world) to solving problems in B2B and enterprise applications. Ultimately recommender systems are about prescribing (they are not really about predicting) an optimal decision at the right time and place/context, so they can naturally deal with a variety of B2B scenarios such as optimizing workflow paths, streamlining supply chain actions, to augmenting human decisions for common day to day business operational functions. Enterprise decision makers are in vital need of these AI super powers. Stay tuned they are coming :)

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